How to set complications (Apple Watch)

Complications are functions that display various information on the Apple Watch face.
The Tokishil complication allows you to view the activity being recorded and launch the app.
Please follow the steps below to set it up.

1. Installing the Apple Watch app

Open the Watch app on your iPhone and install Tokishil from "Available apps" in "My Watch".

2. Set complications on the watch face

Press and hold the watch face, tap the edit button, slide sideways to the complication settings screen, tap where you want the complication and select Tokishil.

  • The information reflected in the complication may be delayed by several to 15 minutes depending on battery status, etc. In that case, the latest information will be reflected immediately by starting the Tokishil watch app.
  • You can record using the watch app even when there is no internet connection. (For example, when you go out wearing only the GSP model Apple Watch.) After the connection is restored, the changes will be reflected on the iPhone in about 15 minutes. In this case, the changes will be reflected immediately by starting the watch app.

How to delete app data

By submitting a request via the Withdrawal button on the Settings page, the data stored on the server will be deleted within two weeks.

The data in your device will be erased by deleting the application, so please operate it.