Lifelog app that brings you closer to your ideal time usage

・Time visualization
・Target management
all in one app

・Time visualization
・Target management
all in one app

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How can you live better in your busy life?

"I have a lot of things I want to do, but 24 hours a day is not enough."

"Too much to do, I want more space in my life"

Many of us have these types of complaints and want to improve them.

Even if you want to improve it, there are many books and task management apps on time techniques, and it's hard to just look them up.

What should I start with?

P.F. Drucker, a business scholar, said in his book on management and self-actualization:

"Before we can even talk about the future,
we must know the reality of the present.
For we must start with the present." *

"A person who achieves does not start with a job.
They start with time.
They don't even start with a plan.
They start by identifying what is taking up their time." **


* Peter F. Drucker "The Future of Industrial Man"

** Peter F. Drucker "The Essential Drucker on Individuals: To Perform, to Contribute and to Achieve"

No matter what kind of improvement you are aiming for, first of all, understanding the current usage of time will reveal the points of improvement.

Tokishil has the ability to easily record time, keep track of it intuitively, and help you improve.

Start working towards your ideals today, right here!

Very easy to use

Record what you spent your time on

① Record what you spent your time on

In addition to tapping the icon on the app, let's record what you spent time on by linking with the calendar and using Siri and shortcuts (iOS only).

Intuitively grasp with a graph

② Intuitively grasp with a graph

The recorded time is graphed in real time.
Since it is always displayed in comparison with yesterday or last week, you can intuitively grasp
"what is the state / condition now"
with a touch.

Looking back on reports and target management functions

③ Looking back on reports and target management functions

Reports are aggregated on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.
Furthermore, with the target function, you can check the progress toward the goal in real time, such as
"Let's exercise for 2 hours every week"
"Game up to 1 hour a day".
Let's use these functions to bring your time to the ideal!



We are particular about ease of use because it is an app for everyday use.



・ Set a guideline time and notify when it has passed

   (Can be used like a Pomodoro timer)

・ Recording ends / continues after the esimated time has passed.

・ Notes on each record

・ Evaluate each record of the activity you want to increase (★ 1-5)

Item setting

Item setting

・Activity (recorded items) can be set freely (name, icon, color etc.)

・ Activity grouping



・ Set target time (daily / weekly) for activities you want to increase / decrease

・ Real-time display of progress on the dashboard

Report / History

Report / History

・ Aggregation of recording time on a daily / weekly / monthly / yearly basis

・ Aggregation of target results

・Display the recording time as a calendar-like graph

・ History display in chronological order (can be narrowed down to specific activities)

Calendar cooperation

Calendar cooperation

・ Automatically record according to schedule

・ Start recording by tapping the notification of the scheduled start time

・ Write the record to the calendar

Voice cooperation

Voice cooperation

・ Talk to Siri and start recording (iOS only)

App cooperation

App cooperation

・ Start recording with shortcut app (iOS only)



・ By creating an account, you can access saved data even if you change device.